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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 13, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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america's news headquarters rolls on. new york is standing by to take over. tune in for fox news sunday. check your listings for the time and channel. make it a great day! >> fox news alert. and there is new backlash on the obama administration's latest assessment over what led to a breakdown in security at our consulate in libya. in the days prior to an attack that killed four americans, including our ambassador. welcome to america's election headquarters. i'm jamie colby, and it's going to be a busy day. welcome, greg. >> indeed. good to see you. two of the top u.n. intelligence directors clamming vice president joe bidenen to try to lay the blame on the intel
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community rather than the white house. and hillary clinton offers another assessment, saying it's still too early for anyone to know exactly what happened. >> no one wants to find out exactly what happened more than i do. i have appointed an accountability preview board that's already started examining whether our security procedures were appropriate, whether they were properly implemented and what lessons we can and must learn for the future. and we are working as thoroughly and as exspeak dishly as possible knowing we can't afford to have accuracy to speed. our government it sparing no effort in tracking down the terrorists who perpetrated this attack. >> molly is joining us live in washington. molly. >> hi, jamie.
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a former cia director and a former homeland security director are saying vice president biden said it was erroneously linked by the obama administration to a protest over video is because the intelligence community was providing that information. general michael hayden, who led the cis, and the former homeland security secretary, both officials in the gorge w bush administration, said they are, quote, disappointed by the vice president's remarks and go on to say in a statement, quote, any failure was not on the part of the intelligence community but on the part of the white house decision makers who should have listened to and acted on available intelligence." the vice president also said in the debate the white house had not been alerted to any additional requests for security in lib bra. the white house later clarified that remark saying that security decisions for embassy facilities and personnel are made by the state department. and the courthouse countered the idea that the obama administration should have done more to prevent the attack.
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>> no actionable intelligence that suggested there would be an attack at the benghazi facility, absolutely, categorically, that is a fact. >> still, congress wants to no more. a house committee started investigating the attack this week and now the senate homeland security committee has said it will do the same. the senate committee said it wants to know what happened and why and why the obama administration's, quote, initial public assessment of this attack was subsequently proven inaccurate. jamie. >> molly, questions just about everybody wants answered. thank you so much. greg. >> president obama and his republican challenger mitt romney are focusing squarely on the next debate. the candidates getting ready for tuesday's town hall debate in new york while gov. romney is preparing for the second phase off he is telling voters in the battleground state of ohio and across the country that support for him is surging.
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chief political correspondent karl cameron is live in portssmith, ohio. >> we are just outside where he will have a big rally in moments. earlier today he did a little debate prep while his running mate paul ryan was on the campaign trail at youngstown, ohio. he took to task the president's decision to postpone a decision whether or not china is manipulating its currency and breaking free trade. we are bouncing all-around as we get ready to roll into this rally here. mr. ryan took the president to task on that delay of the deadline two days from now for its determination on china and postponing it after the election and ryan called it another example of the press's refusal to do the necessary steps to jolt the economy back into a surge and create more jobs, particularly here in ohio where the manufacturing industry has taken such a hit and i
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postponing it after the election ryan suggested there's clearly an absence of leadership based on politics. watch. >> you have to stand up for the american manufacturing system. giving good speeches, you know, saying the right things, that sounds good, but getting it done is what matters. we are going to get it done because we know you need to have a strong manufacturing sector to have a strong america. >> paul ryan got some pretty good props for the debate performance the other night in the vice presidential contest but for the most part it wasn't considered to be a game-changing debate in any sense. so the onus is even further on the president to change the trajectory of a what was widely to be mitt rim's victory in the first presidential debate. next debate take place in town hall style so we get a chance to see both answering questions from the public. it's both foreign policy and domestic. expect more benghazi and lots
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and lots about jobs. >> tighten your seat. you are going backwards. hang on. thanks very much. >> hopefully we are all going to go forward as the president and gov. romney gear up for their next face-off. much of the no cuss is on the fiery debate between joe biden and paul ryan. many are still chris sighting the vice president over his smirks and laughs and constant interruptions. take a look. >> thank heavens we have these in place. it's in spite of their opposition. >> oh, god. >> they have given 20 waivers, and all i have to point to are the results. on two occasions we advocated for constituents who were applying for grants. that's what we do. >> i love that. i love that. >> look, this is a plan. by the way, the $6,400 number is misleading then and it's totally inaccurate now. this is a plan that's
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bipartisan. it has been credited by six other studies and even their own deputy campaign manager acknowledged that it wasn't correct. >> no, o. >> mr. vice president, i know you are under a lot of duress. [laughter] >> to make a good appearance but i think the public is enter served it we don't interrupt each other. >> were democrats, what did they think about the smushing and laughing. let's ask a former spokesperson for vermont governor howard dean. ladies, welcome. >> christy, we weren't in the room for the prep, but we certainly did see president obama, who seemed almost somber, somewhat distracted in his debate when he was looking down mostly. and then this. vice president joe biden smirking during what were, many say, serious topics. do you think that was a deliberate instruction or strategy during prep? >> i think the strategy was to
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have him be more aggressive than the president had been in in the first debate where obviously he was criticized for being lackluster. i think that was start of the strategy. >> the smiles and the laughs you see as aggressive behavior? >> yes, i think in challenging paul ryan on where he was taking liberties with the truth i think that was absolutely. and it was very effective. he fired up the debate, he was engaged, energetic. men democrats and independents are pleased with the performance. >> angela, the base may be fired up by twitter is all a twitter over the laughing and the smirking. what do you think the impact will be and what are republicans going do? is that something they are going to ten to raise or capitalize on in some way? >> they don't have to capitalize on it, jamie. biden did not look vice presidential. and if he was trying to hold ryan's feet to the fire dealing with so-called untruths, then call him on it. you don't have to laugh about it
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and even brit hume said it seemed like he had a nervous tick there. the bottom line is this, this debate was supposed to attract more women to either party and independents or voters who are undecided and basically biden did energize the debate, he made democrats happy because obama had such a poor showing at the first presidential debate. but if i were in the cal party less than four weeks before election day, it's a tragedy you still have to ignite your base. >> that's an interesting point. christie, there's a lot of people in this country now who have very little to smile about. we are definitely facing some struggling times ahead, and i wonder what is your interpretation of what the folks who are yet to decide on who they are going to vote for think of vice president and maybe if you think it's a strategy that works, president obama will be all smiles and laughing? we will see on tuesday. what do you think they think of that laughing at a time when
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they are discussing topics that could make-or-break their future? >> well, look, i think it's true that the vice president hammed it up a little bit the other night but that's what most people really love about him. he has this tremendous ability to connect. he's incredibly empathetic. and paul reason's performance was seen more wooden, more policy. and particularly when he was talking about foreign policy his answers sounded almost rehearsed as he was just learning the fact on the fly. >> let me bring up one thing. he want to mac sure i get this in. a lot of folks talked about how -- i've heard it even described as index cards for paul ryan. but actually when i was watching the debate, i saw vice president bidenen look at his papers quite a bit. and almost reading at person sometimes, and i'm saying this objectively. did you notice that? >> that's not the thing this worries me, though. he's the vice president of the united states of america. he has a lot on his mind. there are a lot of different
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issues he needs to take command of. what i'm saying is he has a command of the facts. paul rain -- >> no, he didn't, tracy. he didn't. >> i'm glad you raise it. this will be my final point for both of you. christie, one fact that i need you to comment on for sure, was the information that came out in those hearings on libya, requests for security and an unfolding of a tragedy. and the vice president said he had no knowledge, he almost said they had no knowledge of a request for security, but those cables have been released. was he not briefed on that? >> all right, jamie, here is what you need to know about the situation in benghazi. republicans, led by paul ryan, house republicans, have cut diplomatic security funding. they have cut embassy security funding. and more important -- >> crestty, you are not answering the question. you are not answering the question. >> what you are seeing is the second in command. >> go ahead, go ahead. >> the republican party -- >> christie, did the skies
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president tell the truth on that issue? >>,, he did. yes. absolutely. what the american public is seeing receipt now the republican party trying to politicize the situation that is tragedy. >> angela -- >> can i answer your question because apparently mine -- my opponent here -- the vice president said, christie, that the people in benghazi, the conflict did not ask for more security. this past week you had officials from the state department that said that they did ask for more security. then let's talk about the facts here. you have the obama tax plan which obama plans to raise taxes on -- >> angela, what are you talking about? >> let's get to the facts. >> let's not jump to that because that could be a whole separate segment on that. so your feeling is -- angela, your feeling. >> what i wanted to answer is this, jamie, that she said that the vice president talked about the facts. and the bottom line is this. he didn't. he had a different type of
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reality. and instead of laughing and smiling, he should explain to the american people why he threw the intelligence community under the bus. but then when it came to iran. >> christie. >> ladies, please. ladies, please. the people at home want to hear what each of you have to say. christie, last remark, please, and please address the situation of what the vice president said concerning requests for security when those hearings were held in the very same week, and we all got the information. did he or did he not know that there were requests, including from the ambassador, for additional security? >> he was speaking on behalf of the white house. and the fact is that despite this tragedy in libya, terrorism is down under president obama. embassy attacks are down under this administration, and the attempt to politicize this tragedy i think is a shame. >> there was actually a release from the white house after the debate, the white house seemed to be distancing itself. we will talk about it again, angela. sorry to interrupt.
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time is always an issue. great to have both of you hear. thank you for your insights. >> i understand. >> a fox extreme weather alert right now. parts of the central planes are under a significant threat for weather, including tornadoes. wisconsin down through texas on high alert right now. we are following it in the fox weather center. >> that's right. we are talking about severe weather today from texas up throughout portions of illinois and iowa. a large section of the country that could be dealing with anything from large hail to damaging winds and even the possibility of severe weather. right now we are pretty quiet but we have a strong area pushing eastward. we have the warm air ahead of the front and that cooler air behind it. that's where we see this violent eruptions of thunderstorms. d winds and isolated tornadoes even for a big chunk of the country especially in the later
10:15 am
part of the afternoon and tomorrow. then as we head into tomorrow the front will continue to push eastward and you are talking about more severe weather possible for the second half of the weekend that tennessee up into parts of kentucky, ohio, and eastern illinois for similar concerns tomorrow. it's typical when we are transitioning over to the summer months to colder winter months that we see severe weather as the air masses crash. typically the most active is the spring going into theer. but widespread 80s' cross parts of texas into the south east. behind it much cooler, low 60s from denver into portion of utah. >> we are on the lookout for those tornadoes. thanks very much. >> thanks. >> the obama administration's exit plan for our troops in afghanistan has been complicated by so-called green-on-blue attacks. that's where afghans wearing
10:16 am
police or military uniforms have turned their guns on u.n. and nato advisers. fox news is with oliver north streaming live from afghanistan to report how our troops of doing. colonel. >> jamie, the nato commanders are saying the green on blue or the so-called insider attacks have failed to drive a wedge between the u.s. and the allies and the afghan military police. so before coming here, we went to the special police training center to see for ourselves. >> these are afghan special police at the nato training center. they are hand picked police officers sent here for advanced training to master skills necessary to protect the afghan people from the taliban. training here is conducted by
10:17 am
nature toe special operators and experienced american law officers. this year 600 graduates will return to their units, proficient in hand to hand combat, live fire qualification on every weapon in their arsenal. live fire close-quarter battle which one member called fish, fighting in someone's house. the goal, afghan police forces around the country that are competent, committed and capable of standing on their own. >> jamie, when we arrived here at the operating base, we met corporal benjamin adams standing beside me. he told me i needed a haircut. here's what happened. >> what do you want, sir in. >> how about a high and tight?
10:18 am
take out the white and leave the rest. >> i will see what i can do, sir. >> do you get to call home often? >> jamie, what we've got here is the united states marine who also doubled as a barber here at this operating base. it's a remote location, which was once a seen of regular gun fights. i have a question for the corporal. he's almost ready to go home. i've met his uncle who is a patient at walter reed, wounded in iraq. why did you come over here, and has it been worth it? >> first of all, it's definitely been worth it. you can see it in the people. you know, the people you see on a regular basis, the ana and all the afghan forces,, they really have taken control and taken this as their fight. >> you are one of the guys that's going to win this war? you know that. >> that's right. >> is there anybody at home you want to say hi to. >> i would like to say hello to
10:19 am
my wife, becca and my parents and uncle at walter reed and tell you all i love you very much. >> jamie, i've met benjamin's uncle at walter reed when i visited the hospital there. i'm looking forward to meeting his parents the 1st of november. i'll be home a little before benjamin is. >> we will pray for his uncle and all our troops. colonel, looking good in the flattop, got to tell you. take care. >> and safe travels home to the colonel. a community now is in mourning after a devastating discovery. there are parents in that state trying to figure out what to do with a possible child killer now on the loose. >> please parents, watch your kids, inform your kids. they may not be -- the person may be bigger than them. kick, scream, run.
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>> a fox news alert. a community now on edge as police search for a killer. hundreds of volunteers searching for a ten-year old who vanished more than a week ago. but then police making a tragic announcement yesterday. >> it's with a great deal of sorrow in my heart, i regret to
10:24 am
inform you that the body that was found has been positively identified as jessica ridgway. >> dan springer is live in westminster, colorado with the latest. dan, what is the late he felt on this investigation? do they have any leads at all? >> well, this has affected so many people around the country. the governor in colorado called it an unthinkable end to an unthinkable crime. there's an all-out manhunt for the child kill who are many are calling a monster. there was a police briefing at the police headquarters this morning. over 100 local, state and federal cops here. i talked to a deputy involved and he said there is a strong belief the killer lives close to where the abduction took place, perhaps very close and that's why they are urging residents to watch for any unusual behavior, someone changing their appearance, taking unscheduled trips, missing meeting. they believe the killer is a man and someone going to great lengths to avoid getting caught.
10:25 am
>> our focus as changed from a search for jessica to a mission of justice for jessica. >> so there there have been about 1500 tips called in. cops have followed up on about half of them. they have searched hundreds of homes and vehicles and talked to dozens of sex offenders, gregg. >> dan springer live in california. thank you very much. >> thanks. vice president joe biden saying, quote, his office wasn't told about the extra requests for security in libya. is that an excuse? is it any excuse, and what lawmakers have to say fog the latest developments. plus, this is probably not the night they bargained for. while members of a san francisco bachelor party were forced to end their evening in life vests. >> definitely scary but -- >> but memorable. >> it was quite memorable. >> a bachelor party you will never forget. >> yeah, really.
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>> welcome back. it's bottom of the hour. time for a quick check of the headlines a new federal push to stop a violent street gang making it illegal to do business with ms-13. the feds hoping to cripple the gang by cutting off its finances. >> officials say the u.s. is in a cyber war with iran. they have recently hit u.s. banks and energy companies and there are concerns future attacks could get more so fist indicate the. >> right now the space shuttle endeavour is headed to a new home at a los angeles museum. they are telling some residents to stay indoors to avoid getting hit. it's a tight squeeze.
10:31 am
don't anybody move. >> tough to not want seeing that move down the street. the romney campaign is saying it messed up early voting. some may not get a chance to have their vote counted, including our troops stationed overseas. we have more details from washington. hi, peter. >> hi, jamie, that's right. in the romney campaign suit against wisconsin it says plainly that they are taking action to defend the voting rights of americans living overseas. including members of the military who didn't get their ballots sent to them by the september 22nd deadline, 45 days ahead of the election. here's part of the romney's campaign reasoning. quote, because members of the military are often stationed in remote, dangerous front line locations, there is a substantial likelihood that the defendant's vital of the law will prevent military voters from receiving, competing and returning their ballots in time to have them counted." and this morning on fox and
10:32 am
friends, wisconsin's pollutant governor said she is on board with this lawsuit. >> it's unacceptable that our military men and women who allow us to sleep peacefully with our little kids at home at night might be denied the opportunity to choose their next commander in chief. >> but the government accountability board in wisconsin said the problem is isolated and they have already done their best to fix it. >> so we had 26 of our 1821 local clerks who missed the dead lane. but we have a number of redundancies built into the system so we know all the voters got their ballots in a timely manner so they can mark them and get them back to be counted. >> electronic transition helps get the ballots out quickly sona the g. a. b. said the responsibility rests with the voter to get their ballot sent in on time. as for the romney campaign, they say they are eyeing similar lawsuits elsewhere with a
10:33 am
spokesman saying, quote, nothing imminent but we are monitoring other states. but jamie, the clock is ticking. the election, which is very, very tight, especially in wisconsin, is three weeks from this tuesday. back to you. >> peter doocy live in washington. thanks so much. >> all right. some serious new questions over the obama administration's latest assessment about the security situation in benghazi in the days leading to that deadly attack on our consulate. first, here's vice president joe biden raising a few eyebrows on thursday night's debate when he said we weren't told. take a listen. >> we weren't told they wanted more security and we did not know they wanted more security. by the way, at the time we were told exactly, we said exactly what the intelligence community told us that they knew. that was the assessment. and as the intelligence really changed their view, we made it clear they changed their view.
10:34 am
that's why we said we will get to the bottom of this. >> we didn't know, we weren't told. well, the vice president also trying to lay some of the blame on the intelligence community. but the former head of the u.s. security team in libya told a congressional committee, security gaps in benghazi should have been on have you us to everyone. >> the security in benghazi was a struggle and remain a struggle throughout my time there. the situation remained uncertain and reports from some libyans indicated it was getting worse. diplomatic security remained weak n april there was only one u.s. diplomatic security agent stated there. the rso struggled to obtain additional personnel, but there was never -- but was never able to attain the numbers he felt comfortable with. >> so how does this at all change the course of the investigation? well, congressman of texas joins us. he's a member of the homeland security committee and house on oversight and government reforms currently conducting that investigation into the attack on
10:35 am
our consulate. congressman, thanks for being with us. biden's statement would seem to contradict the sworn testimony before your committee. in your judgment was biden being dishonest during the debate or were he and the president utterly uninformed? and if that's it, what does that say about their competence? >> well, i'll tell you, neither one of them are a good answer. but you also look at the remainder of the debate and there's a point in there biden blamed it on the budget. one of the specific questions i asked at that hearing was it a budget consideration, and the state department said no. so it wasn't the budget. they should have known about it. or didn't tell us the truth. >> he probably didn't bother to watch the committee in which charlene lamb said, no, budget cuts had nothing whatsoever to do with it. >> i don't understand this. my problem is that they need to know, and they need to be aware of this. that is part of their job.
10:36 am
he's an american ambassador, he's killed. >> we just heard that sound bite. it should have been obvious to everybody. your committee in fact learned that there were 230 documented security incident in libya in the year leading up to the terrorist murders. how could the white house not know of the obvious danger or is it perhaps a function of the president skipping hissen-person daily intelligence briefings? >> again, i think he should have known there are multiple cables that came in from benghazi begging for more help. i think it could have been a political motivation. maybe they didn't want too much security on the ground. historically marines are guarding the embassies and here we go with contract employees who actually told the native contract employees reported back that their friends were telling them to quit their job because there was an attack imminent. >> if biden is claiming that he and the president just didn't know, i mean, is this their
10:37 am
effort to say, hey, we're not responsible here? put the blame on hillary clinton? >> i'll tell you, they are good at the blame game in the white house, that's for sure. >> well, for eight days the obama administration blamed the murders on the notorious youtube videotape and an angry mob. the associated press has learned something very interesting from a state department official that said, quote, that was not our conclusion. do you suspect that the president and the white house knew the truth all along, yet deliberately sought to deceive you in congress and maybe the american people? >> that's the most logical conclusion that i can draw. again, you don't -- don't forget how serious this is. the first u.s. ambassador killed since 1979. that was the jimmy carter administration. the president has failed policy necessary the middle east and i don't think he's paying attention.
10:38 am
he's too busy going out to campaign events and appearing on "the view" to deal with important foreign affairs. >> a columnist described the situation this way, and we'll put it up on the screen. the same government that apparently leaks secrets to make the president look tough, apparently oozed fall hoods to keep him from looking weak. in short, people died. >> you think the president lied? he either did not give us all the facts or efforts grossly ill informed, neither which is acceptable for the president of the united state. >> grossly informed or incompetent? >> another word for basically the same thing. >> obama deputy campaign manager, stephanie cutter, said that the only reason that these
10:39 am
benghazi attacks are a political topic right now is because romney and ryan made it so. does that seem to you that she is saying that the lives of these four brave americans is not important? >> i hear that, and i also hear that, well, it wouldn't be an issue if we hadn't gotten caught. >> what more do you on your commit that's investigating this whole affair, what more do you want to know? >> my number one concern is are there any other embassies or u.s. diplomatic officials out there that are in a dangerous position that we are not providing all necessary protection for? it's a tragedy that we have lost these lives, but it would be even worse if this list of four grew to a list of 8 or more. >> the congressman on the committee that's investigating this. thank you for taking the time. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> sobering responses and information.
10:40 am
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>> welcome back, everybody. right now 25% of all americans have recently purchased their first home. they are refinancing their mortgages at the fastest rate since before the recession hit in 2008. what do you need to know to avoid falling into some of the same pit falls that land so many americans in hot water? getting the best mortgage refinancing for your buck. carolyn castleberry is a financial advisor and the author of its about time. ten smart strategies to avoid time traps and invest where it matters. thanks for joining us. >> hi, jamie. >> i know a lot of people have
10:45 am
refinanced already. let me go forward and then come back. what does 2013 look like if the bush tax cuts and the obama financial plan goes into lace next year? will we still be able to deduct mortgage interest and our real estate tax? >> well, that's one of the big issues people are talking about, the economists with the fiscal cliff. and look at this issue alone, we would call this a fiscal mountain. because if mortgage interest deductions are not able to still exist, certainly the housing market, any recovery that we've seen in the housing industry, would be halted. so congress knows this, ben bernanki has been addressing this issue, trying to sort of calm the issue down. they believe that this will be able to be worked out. >> so the interest rates have come down to record lows. does it make sense to refinance if ultimately -- i it used to be you would buy a house specifically for that mortgage interest deduction, and hopefully keep some of your pay
10:46 am
if you were a w-2 employee. >> you know, you really have to take a look at your overall plan, if you will. because the process has changed quite a bit. one of the things that you need to know, this isn't the refi days of old with no doc and stated doc loans and things like that. you have to have your documentation in place. and you will have to show at least two years verification of employment. they want to see that you are consistent employment. that makes it very difficult in this job market where there's been so many inconsistencies. people might have had a part-time job or have a few job so this is something you need to look at, as well as verification of income. this won't be as easy a process. >> no. you raise a good point because so many people are underemployed, making less than they were, or not really doing the jobs they were trained to do. you have to have that income verification. banks are so much tighter on approving loans, even though
10:47 am
there's this momentum to borrow now. what do you think will happen to the homeowners who are applying? do you think they will have an easy or hard time just even getting the bank to look at their application? >> it really depends on their debt-to-income ratio. their overall financial situation. you can't just go in and see a great rate in the paper and say this is what i want. you have to have your ducks in a row. a couple things that you need to know going in, you look at some of the rates. they may require a discount point. you may have to pay extra costs in order to get that low rate. so know that going in. >> that might be deductible, though. let's just mention. >> yes, absolutely. another mistake that many people make in looking at their mortgages and refi is in the middle of it they will make a big change like a change of employment or they will go buy a major purchase and decide they are going to go out and buy the new car. this is not the time to make any
10:48 am
changes. you want to be as steady and as stable as possible if you are looking at a refi. >> during the underwriting process. quick question, i'm out of time but i will ask anyway. when you are actually applying for the lone and the appraiser comes out, it's really important to make sure that you get an accurate appraisal. we know that's how we got into the country wide situation to begin with. i always say if i was a mortgage broker -- what's your one tip for folks getting ready to close a lone to save a little extra dough? >> absolutely. in the days of old so many people refied to get cash out. in order to get those great rates you may have to bring cash to the table. make sure you are saving a little extra, know the fees, know the costs and be prepared to bring cash to the table. but if you plan to stay in the
10:49 am
house for a while it may be worth it to put a little dough down so you get a great rate. >> carolyn, it's the first time you have been with us on this ram. hope you come back. thank you. >> thank you. >> you can get a 2.75 these days. >> i remember in the '80sfs like 18%. do you remember that? unbelievable. all right. strokes used to be a disease affecting the middle age and elderly, but there's a new study out and it could change all that so we will take a closer look at which age group is now the most at risk and how to protect yourself coming up next. jack, you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts, more events,
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>> welcome back. we are seeing a significant number in the number of young adults suffering strokes in this country. researchers finding young strokes could be due to number of risk factors, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, lots of other things. what do we need to know? great to see you. you have removed my brain and have it in front of you. show us with this visual aid, what is a stroke? >> a stroke is like a supply and demand situation. the brain demands blood and we have the heart has to supply it. this is a cross-section of the
10:54 am
brain. what you see here is a arterial supply to the brain tissue. a stroke or the strokes we are talking about here is a small piece of debris, plaque, clot, blockage that travels upstream and gets stuck in one of the smaller arteries in the brain. now whatever path is the blockage gets no blood supply. >> what kind of dam. >> to your speech, movement, thought process, ability to communicate. depending on on the part of the brain affect the. >> why is it happening to younger people these days? >> the study looked at factors such as smokes, diabetes, hypertension. hypertension is the big one. they are looking at this as being a key player in causing strokes in the younger population. also what happens, too, is our ability to diagnose strokes is improving. we are using a lot more mri now and we are able to pick up smaller strokes that maybe we may have missed in the past. >> what about recreational drugs
10:55 am
because young people do a lot of that. >> drugs like cocaine cause severe vasal spasm and cause a vasal spasm like this, can be in the heart or brain and when it's in the brain you get a stroke. the artery clams down because it has muscles inside because the cocaine restriction and it's like having a blockage. there's no flow. >> can this cause an an rim. >> cocaine, you can have an aneurysm you don't know about. cocaine can increase your blood pressure and also cause spasm in other parts of the artery leading to rupture of this particular aneurysm. >> don't smoke cigarettes. >> don't use recreational drugs, exactly. >> and be in shape. >> and no smoking. you have to stay in shape and you have to carey for your body. >> does it matter if you get to the hospital quickly? because the first hours having the stroke you recognize the
10:56 am
symptoms and you get an injection. >> we use drugs that go into the area where the blockage is and basically it will break it up. it's sort of like a chemical receiptor rooter to make it a better description. get to the hospital, get there quick, and many times we can treat you quickly and which may actually lessen the symptoms and the severity of the stroke. >> and the doc will be at the hospital? >> yes. >> he actually takes over. it's so impressive. >> you are head of the emergency unit, and yet you come in and do overnights as well? >> i enjoy clinical medicine. that's the beauty of it. >> great to see you. thanks for the information. >> great to have you with us. great to be with you today. >> i'll be back in a couple hours. have a great day!
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